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2. The World is Thy Ship, Not Thy Home

2. The World is Thy Ship, Not Thy Home

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Despite being just a fraction of her robust spirituality, these simple yet profound words of Saint Therese have captured my heart and the hearts of many. The words have followed me, nay, haunted me since the first I heard them. This is Saint Therese’s MO to us on earth. She can’t stop. Wont stop. She’s on to us.

As an artist does, I wanted to paint something to capture this idea, the world is thy ship, not thy home. Strongly inspired by the modern artist, Matisse, and his famous “Open Window” I have here a subtly religious still life, but ,if you know the words behind it, it means a whole lot.

The ship, clearly tossed by waves(life is hard,eh?)  but also surrounded by soothing lines(life is beautiful), the florals( always a Therese theme) symbolizing that garden of heaven she always talked about. It’s very simple, calming, and filled with prayer. Every paint stroke in this one was prayerfully applied, and I hope you love it.

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