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2. The Love of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

2. The Love of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

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Here is a bright and bold depiction of Saints Louis and Zelie who are holding little Therese in her baptismal gown. The baptismal font St Therese was baptized at is right to the right of them. The structural component is a nod to the Church of Norte Dame in Alencon France where Louis and Zelie were married, baptized Therese, and had Zelie’s funeral. The window component is a peek at the lovely windows in Martin family home. Upper left is a staircase in the home, the famous stairs Therese climbed up calling to her mom, Zelie, and Zelie patiently replying “yes my child” as Therese ascended every stair. The bouquet is for beauty, but the roses on the bottom right signify each of their 9 children they had. Five girls lived past infancy.

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