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1. Beloved Son

1. Beloved Son

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Here’s a unique interpretation of the Transfiguration 

Peter is depicted upside down because he died upside down . The blue and yellow symbolize faith.

James is robed in green patterns symbolic of hope.

John in red as symbolic of love and being the “beloved” disciple.

Elijah and Mose are old guys on either side of Jesus who appeared in the clouds with Him. Jesus is dazzling white and lots of metallic and light catching paint surround Him. The painting is slightly bottom heavy to make the upper part where Jesus is look more heavenly.

On the left of mountain in small figures is a reference to Abraham taking Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him and on the right side of the mountain are three crosses referencing His passion, the journey up to Golgotha.

This  beautiful piece is perfect to meditate with and make that spiritual journey up the mountain to meet Jesus.

both the prints and original are signed by the artist 

the prints include hand guilding so they also catch light like the original and include a white border so it’s ready for a frame!

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