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7. Advent Saint Collection: Saint Lucy, Light of Sweden

7. Advent Saint Collection: Saint Lucy, Light of Sweden

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Feast December 13th.

What I have for you is a very simple image of Saint Lucy, clothed in white with a candle wreath crown. Customary in Sweden on December 13th, the eldest daughter in families dresses this way and brings special pastry’s around the village:)

Saint Lucy is also in a little boat because there’s a story that in the Middle Ages a huge famine hit southern Sweden and gliding and glowing into the port of Lake Vannern was Lucy. She distributed wheat to last the rest of the dark winter. The bottom third is blue heavy symbolizing water of the lake.

“Ljus” means light in Swedish and is written in the bottom right, the whole theme of this painting: the light of the candles and light of Christ amidst the dark, all things light.

Swedish textiles and patterns are amazing so they are included as framing design. I love Sweden, and I pray the light of Christ engulfs the hearts of those who live there.

Saint Lucy, pray for us.

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