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🎨About the Studio

🎨About the Studio

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ConversionStreet Studio is a big nod to the human idea we are made for conversion, a continuous change of heart toward the good. The “Street” is life, this sort of linear path we walk on, destined for eternity, and street is also a small wink to the many streets of a city. I’m a city girl and that influences my art subtly.

The studio is my kitchen, let’s be real, but my kiddos see me do something I love as they run around me(and also offer valuable  artistic input, clearly).

Under the artistic genre of Expressionism, art that evokes emotion, I produce pieces that use light like an impressionist, color like a modernist, but traditional in content. You will see Saints, holy places and ideas, special seasonal releases, and a sprinkling of Minnesota based offerings.  I will and can add floral design to any painting. They all beg for it, I’m telling ya.

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