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0. Come Have Breakfast : Resurrection Series

0. Come Have Breakfast : Resurrection Series

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John 21:12

There is a powerful moment when the disciples were fishing all night with no luck, and then Jesus appeared on the beach and led them to a mighty catch, nets breaking, and Peter in his zeal jumped from the boat and swam to shore because he recognized it was Jesus, his friend. 

You could call this painting a landscape impression of the Sea of Galilee with the rocky beach and hills all under a moody sunrise adorned with poured loops of gold paint.

Jesus is on the beach holding out breakfast, saying come have breakfast, but with the missing Peter in the painting (on purpose). I invite you to put yourself in his place. What would it be like to be delirious from a sleepless night of fishing then seeing Jesus, swimming and washing up haphazardly onto shore and having breakfast with the resurrected Lord? It’s a big question and one you can pray with in the scripture passage.

The exaggerated fire is a deep reference to the burning bush in Exodus and Moses hearing God in the flames. “I am who I am” is what God said to him about his identity. The same God, Jesus, is behind this fire with a heart ablaze to have breakfast with you, to be with you.

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