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👋 About Me

👋 About Me

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Hi I’m Sarah! Welcome to my shop. 

When I was in fourth grade I inherited thousands of art supplies to use with oil painting. Being a child it was hard to comprehend how awesome of a gift this was and without oil painting knowledge I didn’t use them nearly enough! Finally in college, I made good on this gift and took college level painting courses. My love for painting and skills blossomed like a garden in spring.

Fast forward through three years of focus(fellowship of Catholic university students) post college, marriage, and young kids, I didn’t pick up my paints “full time” again until 2020. I’m sure glad I did. 

I live in Saint Paul Minnesota, and I’m married to my best friend, have four kids, and a beautiful art business that is illuminated by 1) my love of Jesus and my faith 2) personal experiences and memories of striking places 3) an unending appreciation  of Marc Chagall (I consider myself his “student” despite the fact he’s long dead).

Besides painting I like walking around those famous MN lakes, exercise especially with friends or my husband, making global food for anyone and everyone( especially new moms). 

Also you may ask, is this a product page section? Yes it is dear friends. I call this slim, stripped down  web design. It’s more of a storefront than anything;)   An upgraded site with a real navigation bar will come as orders come in, hehe.

Big love


A different life altogether; I also do live painting for events/weddings : 

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