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6. St. Gabriel the Archangel

6. St. Gabriel the Archangel

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Gabriel is God' s messenger. Gabriel is depicted in a kneeling posture, a posture we see in sacred art of him particularly during the Annunciation, when he appeared to the Virgin Mary and announced she would be with Child. In popular depictions of Gabriel he  is holding a  lily or a lily is somewhere in the painting. The lily signifies purity on the part of the Virgin Mary. In this painting, Gabriel holds a candle as symbolic of messenger, bringing light. 

In the upper right corner is a star, specifically the star of Bethlehem. This is the star that shone over the spot where Jesus was born. When Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus to Mary at the Annunciation, this event looked forward to the Nativity, the incarnation of Jesus. The mystery of the Annunciation leads to the Nativity with Gabriel as messenger.

Silver and blue are the predominant colors here and reference Mama Mary and her color scheme.

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